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Services section allows you to define and expose functionalities of your application, through a RESTful architecture style. Creating such components enables your application to interact with external systems and become a part of a larger structure.

Creating an Exposed Service

You can either right click on the Services section and select Add:

Creating a New Exposed Service

...or through the + (Add New Model) button in the Taskbar and selecting the Service type

Creating a New Exposed Service

Currently there are 2 templates available: Empty Exposed API and CRUD Exposed API. We'll start with an empty one to cover every step in detail.


The CRUD Exposed API template is covered in the Exposed APIs Wizards

Enter a name for your Exposed Service Model and press Add.

The Exposed API Editor will now open and you can start creating the REST services you want to provide to external systems.

Exposed API Workspace

Editor Overview

The editor window has 2 layouts for managing your services. The first (which is selected by default) is the Operations tab and the other is the Data Contracts tab. They can be switched back and forth from the lower left corner of this editor.


In the Operations layout you manage the REST API endpoints. You can define the URL paths, operations, parameters, security and caching mechanisms around your services.

Data Contracts

The Data Contracts layout helps you configure the data structures that will be used in these services. You can choose from your existing structures which properties will be exposed in the service's response.

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