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Use the Icons section to review and manage the icons available to be used in your Application Forms. To use an icon set, you have to import the required resources (fonts files, css files etc.) as Theme Resources.

Searching for an Icon

To find an icon, click on the search bar on the top left corner and type in a part of the icon name. As you type, icons will be filtered and only those whose Name or Css Classes contain the typed value will be displayed.


Search is case insensitive!

Adding an Icon

  1. Click on the New Icon button.
  2. A new Icon is added at the beginning of the set.
  3. Adjust the new Icon's properties by following the instructions below.

Adjusting an Icon

To edit an icon, click on its box and notice how it is switches to edit mode, meaning that Name and Css Classes fields become editable.

Icon box parts

  1. Preview
  2. A name for the icon. It will be displayed when the Form Editor Icon Selection modal opens
  3. Css Classes. Set a value exactly as defined in the documentation of the icon set that used


Although you may import and use any icon set, only icons from Glyphicons and Font Awesome sets will display a preview on the top of each entry. Don't worry, they will perfectly work in the generated application!

Removing an Icon

To remove an icon, hover above its box. You will notice that a red trash icon appears on the top right corner. By clicking it, the icon is removed from the model.


Please make sure that the icon to be removed is not used in any Forms.

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