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Version Control

The color of the square icon in front of each Model, defines the status of that Model in terms of change:

Icon Model Status Description
Unaltered Unaltered There are no Saved Changes
Untracked Untracked New added model
Modified Modified Changed and not commited
Missing Missing Deleted and not commited
Conflicted Conflicted Can not be updated because it has uncommited changes


In case you have uncommited changes in a model and you try to update it you may have a Conflict. You will see this message:


After this you will see on your Navigator this message AppHasConflicts until you resolve the conflict(s).
Click on it and navigator's filter will set to Conflicted.

Now with right click on the model you can go to Version Control and select one of the following options:

  • Manually Resolve (View the conflicts, deside on how to resolve them, apply resolution manually)
  • Resolve Using Mine (Your changes will overwrite the update's changes)
  • Resolve Using Theirs (Your changes will be lost)


Maybe you have uncommited changes in a model and update it without conflict, if your changes are not in the same spot with update's changes

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