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The Navigator provides access to the full set of your Application's models.


If the Navigator is hidden, you can open it using the Expore button Explore placed on the Taskbar.


Basically, the Navigator shows you:

  • Which types of Models do you use in your Application
  • How are they organized
  • How many Models does each Model Type and Folder has
  • What is the state (in terms of changed, deleted etc.) of each Model

Models' View

As already mentioned, the Models of your Application are organized per:

  • Type (e.g. Forms, Business Objects, Themes)
  • Folders, within a Type (e.g. an APP_Default_Pages folder under the Forms Models Type that contains all those forms that are marked as default for our Application)


If you right-click on a folder, you will see the following options:

Option Description
Rename Rename the folder
Add Folder Add a new Folder under the specific Model's structure
Add Add a new Model, of the same Type as the parent of your Folder (e.g. if you click Add on a Form's Model Folder, a Add new model panel will appear allowing you to configure a new Form, similarly to what would happen if you clicked the New button of the Taskbar)
Delete Deletes a Folder and all of its items

With right click on a folder you will see the following options:


If you right-click on a model, you will see the following options:

Option Description
Refactor Changes the name of a Model in such a way what any reference to it throuhought your whole Application is updated as well
Find Usages... Finds all references of this model in your application, and shows them in the Console
Download Downloads the selected Model
Version Control... Commit or Discard your changes concerning the selected Model, or see the most recent commit messages using the Show Log option


Hold CTRL and click (select) to multiple Models to manipulate them all at once


You can not edit or delete the app model uner the Configuration Model Type

Models' Status

The color of the square icon in front of each Model, defines the status of that Model in terms of change:

Icon Model Status Description
Unaltered Unaltered There are no Saved Changes
Untracked Untracked New added model
Modified Modified Changed and not committed
Missing Missing Deleted and not committed
Conflicted Conflicted Can not be updated because it has uncommitted changes


For more information read the Version Control section.

Search and Filter

Using the Search textbox at the top of the Navigator, you can easily find a Model using its Name.

Additionally, you can filter your visible Models using the Filter Options drop-down to filter your Models in terms of their source-controlled status


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