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Hello World! Part Three

This Walkthrough Tutorial will show you how to create an Application from scratch. This part assumes that you already read Part One & Part Two

In this part we will see how to:

  1. Extend the Domain model with a new class associated with the existing
  2. Use the wizard to bootstrap Master/Detail Forms
  3. At an existing form add a dropdown where user can select the new class

Create a Class

At ProductBO:

  • Create one more class
  • Name the class Category
  • Insert Name as attribute (data type: string)

Create association between classes

  • Hover the Product class close to borders
  • When the cursor turns into a cross click and drag the line until it reaches class Category
  • A modal is displayed

Configure Association Properties as:

  • A Product can have zero or one category
  • Many Products can have the same category
  • On delete of a product, the related category is disassociated
  • A category cannot be deleted if there is a related product
  • Click OK



Create Category master & detail forms

Use wizard to bootstrap Master & Detail forms


Open ProductForm

  • Select Model on the right
  • Right click at property Product
  • Select Add Related Classes


  • A modal is displayed
  • Select Category class
  • Click OK


  • From Toolbox find the Dropdown control and insert at the canvas
  • Select it

From Properties, at DATA section:

  • Bind the dropdown to Category


  • Create a dataset (from Category class & the operation GetAll)


  • Click on the Display & Value Options


A modal is displayed:

  • Select Name for Display Member
  • Select Category for Value Member
  • Click OK


  • Save, validate and build the application

Speed up this process using Wizard

At Model

  • Navigate to Category
  • Drag & Drop it inside the Body


On drop, select as Dropdown


Select the dropdown. As you xan notice at Properties wizard created everything needed


Remember to save, validate and build the application

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