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Shadow Class


A Shadow Class is a Class or an Enumeration that is defined in another Business Object Model. It is a read-only, unchangeable representation of the actual Class or Enumeration, presented in your opened Model so as to help your

  • See its definition, without having to navigate to its Model
  • Use it in an Association with another Class

New Shadow Class

To add a Shadow Class go to the Add New Model Item button and select the New Shadow Class Option.

Add New Shadow Class

Alternatively, you can right-click anywhere in the Business Object Designer and select the New Shadow Class option from the Menu that will appear.

Add New Enumeration by Right-Click

As soon as you perform one of the aforementioned steps, a Model will appear prompting you to select the Class/Enumeration you wish to fetch into your current Model:

Select Class

At this point, you can:

  • Find (and search) for the Class or Enumeration you wish to bring
  • Select it and
  • Press Ok

The selected Business Object will be immediately shown in your Designer, like this:

Shadow Class and Enumeration


A Shadow Class always contains the Business Objects Model in which it is defined.

For example, the Status Enumeration is defined in the Orders Business Objects Model Shadow Navigation

You can click on it and be instantly navigated to that Model. For example:

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