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Project Management

Control Panel

The Control Panel allows you to view and access all your Applications, as well as manage their Subscriptions and Users.

It is comprised from two basic parts:

  • The Side Menu, that you can use to search for a specific application (or its categorization) as well as manage your account, preferences and subscriptions
  • The Main Panel, where all your Applications (or a subset, if you applied any search criteria) are presented, available for a more targeted management and development


Side Menu

You can use the side menu to limit the visible Applications based on some specified criteria:

Limit Description
All Applications All the projects that you have created or have access to
Owned By Me All the Applications you can access under your Subscription
Recent Your most recently opened Applications
By Subscription List (and number) of Applications, grouped by Subscription
By Domain List (and number) of Applications per Domain


The Main Panel contains all your Applications, that you can open, manage or remove. The two visible icons, as well as the right-click menu, allow you to:

Closed Project Opened (Active) Project
AccessRemoveProject CloseProject

Opening an Application

To open an Application, simply click on its rectangle and you will be navigated to its Workspace

Deleting an Application

If you choose to delete an Application/Project, you will have to confirm your action by typing in the name of the Project you are deleting.



In order to remove a project, it must be closed.

To quickly find the Project(s) you want, you can use the Search : Search

In summary, the available options are:

Refresh Refresh : Shows all your Applications

Sort Sort : Sorts your Applications alphabetically or in reverse

TilesView Tiles View : Toggles the Control Panel's format between a Tile and a List view

Control Panel as List


If you use both the selection at the Side Menu and the Search, you might be unable to find the Project you want.

For example: imagine you typed "MusicStore" into the Search textbox and then selected the Insurance domain under the By Domain selector. Normally, you would not be able to see any projects.

If you sumble upon such a case, either clear your Search term or click on Refresh

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