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Visual Editors

As already mentioned, everything in zAppDev is a Model. The DataBase design, the Forms, the Functionalities, the Services etc. are all separate Models that zAppDev transforms into one final Application. Each Model, has its own visual Editor that guides the developer to successfully create a powerful Application.

This chapter will cover the Models and their Editors, allowing you to fully understand what can be done and how.

Topic Description
Business Objects Editor The Business Objects Editor helps the designer/developer to capture the semantics of business entities and their relationships. Basically, it's the place where the Application's DataBase and other data structures are defined.
Form Editor Build your UI visually using pre-made components reusing your Domain Model. Easily fetch data from any datasource. Again any logic, be it validations, actions etc, is written in the same language. The Interfaces are by default translatable. You can always extend the default components with your own.
Exposed API Editor Design your exposed service layer as a REST or a GrapgQL API. Endpoints support authentication, caching, logging, thorttling out of the box. A complete swagger documentation is auto generated, allowing third party developers to integrate with your App
External API Editor Integrate with any REST, SOAP or GraphQL API. Query your database directly if you don't have a ready API. You can even load native code and reuse it in your logic. All Integrations offer advanced features like caching and logging without writing any code.
Theme Editor
Configuration Editor
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