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Using the Variables tab, you are allowed to extend the global variables of your Theme Model by adding as many variables as you wish. These variables are available both as possible options for a Component Variable value and as LESS code variables.

Adding a new Variable

To add a new Variable:

  1. Click on the Add... link below the list. A new row will be added to the list, containing some default values.
  2. Enter a variable name at the first cell (Variable). Variable name must start with the @ character.
  3. Enter an (optional) description for the value at the second cell (Description).
  4. Select a variable type at the third cell (Type). For more info on the Types available, see the table below).
  5. Enter a value at the forth cell (Value).


The Variable name (Variable Cell) cannot be edited when Theme Editor is in Simple Mode

Variable Types

Here is a description of the available variable types:

Name Description
Raw Accepts any value
Dimension Accepts a dimension defined by a value and a unit
Font Family Accepts a font family, selected among the families defined at the Fonts tab
Color Accepts a color value, either typed to the input box or selected via the color picker

Removing a Variable

To remove a Variable just click on the trash icon at the end of the corresponding list row.


Please make sure that the variable to be removed is not used anywhere in your Model (Components or Code)!

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