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Business Object from External Data Structure


Imagine you have an External REST API, that you are using to get information about the Countries in the world, their Languages, Currencies etc. The API will have its own structures, representing the requested Data.

Countries External REST Structures

Now, most often, you will want to save the Data into your Database, or display it within your Application. To do that, you would need to create new Business Objects, representing the API's Data, as well as their relationships. A tedious task, especially for a large amount of Classes, Attributes, Associations etc.

In order to help you minimize the time and effort required for such a task, zAppDev automates the representation of your API Structures as Business Objects, by creating a Business Objects Model from your External Data Structure.

New Business Object from External Data Structure

To create a new Business Objects Model, containing your Classes from an External API, you can:

  • Create a new Business Objects Model, as described here, without clicking on OK just yet
  • Select the Business Object from External Data Structure option from the Templates drop-down
  • Select your External API as the Interface to be used
  • Name your new Model
  • Select those Classes that you would like to be transformed to Business Objects
  • Click Add

New BO From External

As soon as you are finished, you will see all your Structures transformed into Classes and their Associations, set and ready for you to use them in your Application.

BO From External

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