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Top Ribbon

Top Ribbon consists of the buttons that each Model Editor requires. So it changes depending on the open Model.



Business Objects Editor includes an Export button. It allows you to export your Business Object Model as a json, xml, owl or uml file

Form Editor includes Inspector. It appears icons for all Logic and Css rules in your form.

Let's see some common buttons for most models.

  • info   Info
    Open Model Properties where you can see Name, Creator and Description of the model
  • save   Save
    Save your changes in this model. You can know an unsaved model from the red spot next to model's name unsaved
  • undo   Undo
    Undo your last change or pick the step you want to go back
  • redo   Redo
    You actually cancel your Undo move going forth or you can pick the step you want to go forth
  • refresh   Refresh
    Refresh your model to keep it updated with the application
  • validate   Validate
    Validate only this model (To validate all models choose the Validate button from Taskbar)
  • search   Search
    Search items in your model


Save : CTRL + S
Undo : CTRL + Z
Redo : CTRL + Y

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