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Any Web Application that contains a User Interface, has forms. All Forms in zAppDev can be designed using the Form Editor.

The Form Editor contains everything required to create a fully-functional, responsive and comprehensive form filled with

  • Components
  • Database Data
  • Calculated Data
  • Validations
  • Operations and Functionality
  • Events and Handlers
  • Graphics
  • Sub-forms (Modals, Partials, Forms within Forms)
  • ... and more

New Form Model

There are several ways to create a new Form Model, depending on what do you want to create (i.e. an Empty Form? A Data Entry Form?) and for which purpose. Here, we will show you one of the ways to create a simple, empty Form.

  • Click on the New Model button of the Taskbar
  • Select the Form option.
  • Choose a unique Name for your Form Model
  • Choose its [Type] (ModelEditors/Forms/
  • If you chose to create a Normal Form, then select the Master Page that that Form should have as its Layout
  • Click on Add to create your new, empty Form


The Editor

The Form Editor consists mainly of:

  • The View Tab: This is the actual UI Editor for your Form, where you can drop Components from your [Toolbox]((/ModelEditors/Forms/, set their positions, define their properties and more
  • The Controller Tab: In this tab you can add and define the actual functionality of your Form, in terms of Controller Actions
  • The Logic Tab: The Logic Tab can be used to define the visible logic of your form, in terms of [Validations]((/ModelEditors/Form/ (i.e. rules and their messages), Conditional Formattings (i.e. conditionally displayed parts of your Form) and Calculated Expressions (i.e. calculated/defined values, set using any logic you want, that should be presented in your Form)
  • The Property Grid containing
    • The Model of your Form (i.e. values fetched for and presented in the Form)
    • The DataSets of your Form (i.e. database data presented in the Form)
    • The ToolBox containing all the visual components you can use to create your own UI
  • The Event Listeners Tab: The tab that you can use to define the behavior of your Form, should a specific Event occur during its execution
  • The Localization Tab: Translatable terms of any alphanumeric information presented and/or used by the Form
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