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zAppDev applications can be configured to run in three Authentication Modes.

Anonymous Access

Absolutely no authentication. All operations are accessible by all users and no usernames or passwords are needed.


Use this only if there are no sensitive data or operations handled by your application.

Form Based

This is a stand alone method for authenticating users via accounts stored in the Application's DataBase. Operations can be protected using a permission based system, be accessible to all authenticated or even anonymous users.

Users can be created and managed using Forms.


All forms models required for Form Based Authentication are included in every new zAppDev application.


This is the most common Authentication Mode and the only one that supports External logins via Google and Facebook accounts (for more information, read this ).

OS Based

Users are authenticated against OS user accounts (e.g. Windows Account). Operations can be protected using a permission based system or be accessible to all authenticated users.


Please carefully read and understand this before using OS Based Authentication!


OS Based authentication is usually used in Applications running in Intranet environments.

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