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Welcome to zAppDev

zAppDev is a web-based, model-driven development environment, allowing Developers of any technology and proficiency level to easily create, edit and reuse models of software artefacts (e.g. database models, business logic models, user interface models and more), covering the complete application development lifecycle, while having the total control of the process. In short, it is a web-based Software Development Ecosystem that allows Rapid Application Development through high level Model Design, limiting the development process to 4 simple steps:

Steps of Development

The primary development activity in zAppDev is modelling, rather than coding. Although similar to UML or Data Modelling, to which most developers are accustomed, zAppDev goes one step further and provides a complete, integrated approach for modelling

  • Business Requirements and Logic
  • Data
  • Workflows
  • Web Services
  • User Interfaces
  • Security Policies
  • Themes and Resources

that are automatically transformed into a complete software application, eliminating the need for manual coding and maintenance.

Topic Description
About Describes the underlying parts of zAppDev, how they work together and what will you get in the end
Workspace Provides an overview of zAppDev's Workspace parts, as well as information with regards to Login and Registration, Control Panel, Projects and more
Model Editors Describes how to design, create, validate and use zAppDev's Models that will, in turn, be used to build your Application
Wizards Describes how to use Wizards to rapidly create new Models
Tools Describes how to use various Tools to track the Version Control of your Application, manage your Database, write Code, Deploy your Application and more
Walkthroughs & How Tos Teaches you how to create your own Music Store Application from scratch, using almost everything that zAppDev has to offer. Additionally, provides some how-tos for useful functionalities
Mamba Teaches you about Mamba: zAppDev's own native language that facilitates more detailed functionality implementation in a technology and platform-agnostic way. Additionally, provides a reference for Mamba's Libraries: commands that encapsulate all the logic and functionality your Application might need.
APIs Provides documentation with regards to the zAppDev Developer JavaScript API: an API allowing you to perform any action against your Form, Model, DataSets etc. using JavaScript

Quick Start

If you want to browse through zAppDev's capabilities functionality, feel free to start here: The Music Store Walkthrough will guide you to create your first enterprise Application while presenting you the most common and useful parts, functionality and logic of zAppDev. Think of it as a fun way to go through this entire Documentation and a really good start to learn how to design, create, build and run a powerful, fast and safe Web-Application using nothing but Models, Designers and Editors.

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